Hi, thanks for being here! I got to hear Col. Chris Hadfield speak and was super-intrigued by what he said about sleeping in space — that a) you need to be in a sort of locker but there's no way to really "lie down," and b) when he closed his eyes in space, you don't really see darkness? » 3/19/15 2:12pm 3/19/15 2:12pm

What Are Your Earliest Web Browser Memories?

Microsoft has rung the death knell for Internet Explorer — and it's likely that few of us will mourn. IE has been sort of a joke for years, but there was a time when it was mighty. How far back into browser history do you go? Tell us what you remember. » 3/17/15 6:30pm 3/17/15 6:30pm

Ask Warren Ellis Your Craziest Questions About The Future

To help us kick off the new White Noise, Warren Ellis has graciously agreed to answer our questions about the future. Ask the creator of Transmetropolitan and the popularizer of the bowel disruptor what's on your mind. We'll send some choice questions over and publish his answers later this week. » 3/10/15 12:54pm 3/10/15 12:54pm

Welcome to White Noise, Where Everyone Is a Reporter

We are thrilled to be relaunching White Noise as a vertical within Gizmodo, giving our community a platform all its own. We want you to join us in our ongoing mission to write, record, debate, and review our fast-evolving world. We know how plugged in you are, and we need your help to figure out the future. » 3/09/15 5:55pm 3/09/15 5:55pm